QaziJam 9.5 entry. Most of the development took place in February and March, but the time spent working on it should be roughly equivalent to a week's worth of GameJammery. The work done during the Jam week was mostly minor tweaks and exploit removal.

The central idea of the game is to have levels that can be challenging to learn but can be completed in a minute or two after some practice. There are plenty of checkpoints that aim to keep the frustration level low, so you'll rarely die more than a couple of seconds from the last checkpoint.

The three levels that exist so far have been designed so that the exit goal is visible from the start, and two of the levels were made to be playable both backwards and forwards.

Possible future plans:

  • More levels
  • Characters with different abilities
  • Some art?
  • Challenge modes
  • Hard mode (no checkpoints)
  • Online multiplayer

Install instructions

Windows version: Standalone, no installation needed. It might ask for permission to connect to the internet (for loading a twitch avatar as your player sprite).


Download 46 MB


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Really great job with this! I have a soft spot for precision platformers like this (albeit I'm not very good at them). :) Level 2 appears to be quite lengthy in comparison to the others, but it felt like the right balance of checkpoints for me personally.

Kudos to the music by the way, I really enjoyed it and it sounds very professional!

Love the game!

There's a small bug where if you jump at the very end of a block, you won't get a double jump. Other than that, fairly bug free and fun to play!